History of the Middle Ages

Vasilevsky, Vasily (1838-1899).History of the Middle Ages: the lecture, read the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University in the 1881/82 year, prof.VG Vasilyevsky / compiled 3rd year student of Iv.Graves.- [St. Petersburg]: Pech.-lithographed.Coffin, [1882].- [999] s.Sec.Pag .. -Without cover.Part of the text in French.Bibliography in the text and in the footnotes.- Handwriting..I. Graves, Ivan Mikhailovich (1860-1941) .1.People (collection).2. Academic publications on the history of (collection).3. The Middle Ages - History - Lectures, presentations, etc ..BBK 63.3 (0) 4ya73-2electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: St. Petersburg State University
Publisher Печ.-литогр. Гробовой
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