Vladimir Mayakovsky

Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930).
Vladimir Mayakovsky: a tragedy in two acts with a prologue and an epilogue / drawings: Vladimir, David Burliuk. - Moscow: Typo-lit. t / d IN Gryzunov and Co., 1914. -44 p., 7 liters. yl. ; 17 cm. - (Futurists). -
Subtitles for cover: The tragedy of Vladimir Mayakovsky, who was in 1913 at the Luna Park Theater in St. Petersburg. Fig. D., V. Burliukov.
The title of the series is indicated on the cover.
Copy of Ros. Institute of Art History: without a cover, on the title page a stamp: "From the books of AI Shilov."
I. Burliuk, David Davidovich (1882-1967). II. Burliuk, Vladimir Davidovich. Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893 - 1930). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. VV Mayakovsky (collection). 4. Russia in the Face (collection).
BBC 84 (2 = 411.2) 53-6
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: Ros. Institute of Art History
Publisher Типо-лит. т/д И. Н. Грызунов и К°
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