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Meetings with well-known writers, master-class on creating new worlds, presentations of virtual projects - the Presidential Library will take an active part in the First New Year's Book Salon

6 December 2018

Get the autograph of Mikhail Rakhlin, President of the St. Petersburg Judo Federation, the author of a book about his father “Anatoly Rakhlin. Coach”, which for 50 years of activity has trained more than 100 masters of sports; ask questions to children's writers Marina Lykova and Tatyana Kudryavtseva; meet with the famous sports journalist Konstantin Osipov; make a virtual tour of the historic building of the Synod - this and much more is available on the Presidential Library’s stand, which will be running on December 13, 2018 within the framework of the First St. Petersburg New Year's Book Salon.

The Presidential Library has arranged a rich program for its guests: these are quizzes for children and their parents, where the prize is the reprint New Year publications of Murzilka, the presentation of several modern children's magazines at once, the Fantastic Masquerade for brave readers, multimedia lessons and much more.

The New Year’s Book Salon features information about a new project of the Presidential Library - the Poetic Club, the first meeting of which was held in November 2018 in the building on Senate Square. Then poets, readers, authors, performers and connoisseurs of literary art united on one platform to make a historic journey, immerse themselves in the musical and poetic recollection of outstanding masters of the past, as well as get familiar with new names and modern works of Russian authors.

Within the framework of the work of the Presidential Library’s stand, the projects will be presented by the regular partners of the institution. So, the Book Capella will teach the little guests to create their own graphic world - in the pages of the comic book. Participants in the comic book class will learn how to create a character, revive it, give emotions, etc. Each of them, together with the media designer of the Presidential Library, will create his own handwritten book

The Museum of Urban Transport tells about the history of the St. Petersburg tram, the Karl Bulla Fund for Historical Photography - about the first Russian photo reporter, whose name he bears. The children's postcard museum will show Christmas Petersburg on old postcards, and the Central State Archive of Cinema and Photographic Documents of St. Petersburg - New Year's Petrograd - Leningrad - St. Petersburg in archival photographs.

The book salon will be held in St. Petersburg on the eve of the New Year holiday, from December 13 to December 16, 2018, in the ARTPLAY trade and exhibition center, located at the address: Krasnogvardeyskaya Square, 3.

The motto of the New Year book salon is “The book is the best gift!”. The main focus will be on literature and events for children and adolescents, as well as books that are always a pleasure to give or receive as a gift - memoirs, albums on art. The guests of the Book Salon are waiting for the lectures of well-known scientists, the presentation of new books and a theatre program.