Baptism of our Lord on the pages of rare editions of the Presidential Library

19 January 2019

On the date of Baptism the Presidential Library illustrates the history of this mystery and its sense in the life of Orthodox people. Electronic collections include numerous rare editions, historical research, postcards and other materials on Baptism. Thanks to the newsreel available on the library’s portal there is an opportunity to see how this holiday was celebrated 80 years ago.

The Presidential Library's collections illustrate materials of the death of Vladimir Lenin

19 January 2019

January 21, 2019 marks 95 years since the death of Vladimir Lenin, a political and state leader, founder of the Soviet state (1870–1924). On this day, the Presidential Library would like to share unique materials from its electronic collections dedicated to the personality of the leader of the Bolsheviks. They include materials on how the high-ranking party leaders, as well as ordinary workers and peasants, experienced the death of Lenin.

Berlin and St. Petersburg recalled Karl Bulla via video conferencing

18 January 2019

The grand opening of the exhibition dedicated to the founder of Russian photo essay Karl Bulla (1855–1929) took place at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin. On this day, the teleconference connected the capital of Germany and the Presidential Library located on the Senate Square, 3 in St. Petersburg.

Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad presented in the Presidential Library’s materials

18 January 2019

January 12, 1943 "Iskra" “blinded” fascists. This was the name of one of the most famous operations of the Red Army and the Navy during the Great Patriotic War breaking the Siege of Leningrad. On this day, the Soviet fighters struck the first crushing blow to the occupier’s steel ring. The complete series of the events of almost 900 terrible days of the siege of the city on the Neva is presented in a special digital collection of the Presidential Library "Defence and Siege of Leningrad".

The Presidential Library joined fight against cancer

17 January 2019

The Presidential Library will digitize and include in its collections documents of the beginning of the 20th century, referring the reader to the origins of the organization in Russia of the leading institute for the care of oncology patients and the entire system for the prevention of cancer.

The Presidential Library illustrates contradictions of Ivan the Terrible

16 January 2019

On January 16, 1547, Grand Duke Ivan IV was solemnly coronated becoming famous all over the world by the nickname Grozny. The ceremony of his anointing to Russian reign took place in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. It was headed by the famous historical and religious figure - Metropolitan Macarius. The cross of the Life-giving Tree, as well as the barmas and the crown of Monomakh were laid on Ivan Vasilyevich.

Presidential Library’s materials present the history of Russian theatre

16 January 2019

2019 is declared the Year of Theatre in Russia. It is worth noting that the theatre in Russia is a unique and original phenomenon that has no analogues in the world. And although its history over recent decades has been studied well, its origins that go back centuries still remain unknown to many people. It is the Presidential Library that makes the difference. Its collections consist of electronic copies of unique publications that provide the study into the history of Russian theater.

The Presidential Library features Christmas customs

16 January 2019

One of the most beloved national holidays, Christmastide, traditionally runs from January 6 to 19: “from a star to water”, that is, from the appearance of the first star on Christmas Eve to the blessing of water.

The Presidential Library’s collections illustrate Alexander Griboyedov’s life and death

15 January 2019

“His melancholic character, his embittered mind, his good nature, the very weaknesses and vices, the inevitable companions of humanity, everything in him was unusually attractive. Born with an ambition equal to his talents, for a long time he was enmeshed in networks of petty needs and suspense. The abilities of the human state remained unused; the poet's talent was not recognized; even his cold and brilliant courage remained suspicious for some time”, - Alexander Pushkin’s describes Griboyedov in his book “Alexander Griboyedov: his life and death in the memoirs of his contemporaries”, a digital copy of which is available on the Presidential Library’s portal.