From great to funny: the Presidential Library reveals unknown facts from the lives of famous people

20 March 2019

The Presidential Library’s e-collections, numbering today more than 770,000 units of storage, is called the national treasury of the history of Russia, as the documents and books digitized by library specialists are “prescribed in eternity”. Here is available both royal decrees and the first editions of the printing house of Ivan Fyodorov, as well as official biographies of prominent statesmen and little-known facts from their lives. This “story in gigabytes” also takes place for funny incidents and curiosities that sometimes happened to the powerful of the world.

Presidential Library presents Nikolay Berdyayev - “a religious freethinker” in his “message” to the world

18 March 2019

“The Russian state has long been acknowledged a great power, with which all the states of the world have to reckon, and which plays a prominent role in international politics”,  Nikolay Berdyayev’s book “The Fate of Russia” (1918), which is available in the Electronic Reading Room of the Presidential Library, reads in part. “But the spiritual culture of Russia, that core of life, in regards to which a statecraft itself is but a superficial externality and implement, still does not occupy a great-power position in the world… That which has transpired within the bosom of the Russian spirit, will cease to be something still provincial, isolated and closed-in and will become common for the world and mankind”.

The Presidential Library marking the 5th anniversary of the reunion of Crimea and Russia

18 March 2019

March 18, 2019 marks five years since the reunion of Crimea and Russia.
The digital collections of the Presidential Library contain many unique materials on the history of this territory. Particular attention belongs to special collection "Crimea in Postcards", available on the portal of the national electronic repository. These are 850 electronic copies of postcards of the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century, which are combined according to geography and vividly illustrate the life of different settlements of the peninsula.

Meeting the stars: Presidential Library’s collections cast light on the first spacewalk

18 March 2019

On March 18, 1965 the legendary pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexey Leonov performed the world's first space walk. Overnight, all mankind’s greatest dream became a reality. Space exploration is in the spotlight of “Outer Space” - a special electronic collection of unique materials, which is available for study on the portal of the Presidential Library. These documents provide the best evidence and proof of an indisputable fact: all the most important discoveries and inventions in this field were made by our country, our heroes-cosmonauts.

Presidential Library’s collections spotlight Alexander Popov, the inventor of radio

16 March 2019

The 160th anniversary of the birth of the talented Russian engineer, inventor of radio, Alexander Popov (1859-1906) will be marked on March 16, 2019. Apart from rare publications about the scientific quest and the life of the scientist, the Presidential Library's collections also include “The memorial plaque on the building of the Kronstadt Marine Plant, dedicated to the first Radio Technical Enterprise in Russia, which was the initiative of A. S. Popov (Saint Petersburg, Kronstadt)” (2014).

Historical investigations of Rodina magazine and the Presidential Library to be carried on

14 March 2019

In view of Rodina magazine’s 140th birthday the Presidential Library and the publication are going to hold events that will cast light on little-known or forgotten pages in the chronicle of the Russian state. The announcement was made at the meeting of Rodina magazine’s Historical Club, which was held in Rossiyskaya Gazeta Media Center on March 14, 2019.

Presidential Library took part in a conference marking the reunification of Crimea with Russia

14 March 2019

The Interregional Web Conference "Crimea-Russia: Past and Present" was held on Thursday, March 14, 2019 as part of the “Crimean Spring” days and was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the peninsula’s reunification with Russia. It was organized by the Presidential Library and the Franko Crimean Republican Universal Research Library, which became the main venue for the event. The conference was held with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea. Libraries from Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Kemerovo, Ryazan, Tambov, and Yekaterinburg joined the meeting via videoconferencing.

Alexei German Jr. pays another visit to the Presidential Library

12 March 2019

The meeting with film director Alexei German Jr. and Elena Okopnaya, production designer, member of his film team, was held in the Presidential Library. The talented couple told about their filmmaking career, the basics of the profession they had to learn, and also shared ideas about the principles of the craft and film production with young people.

Presidential Library spotlights one-and-a-half-ton siege trucks, ambulances and trams

12 March 2019

As part of a campaign, launched in an effort to collect materials about the siege, the Presidential Library has received 2,000 documents. One war-time photograph shows a Leningrad resident Ivan Shalberov leaning against GAZ-AA truck - the legendary one-and-a-half-ton truck (‘polutorka’), which transported many goods during the Great Patriotic War.