"People’s World" film screened and discussed at the Presidential Library

20 November 2018

"What does people’s world look like"? It seems to be ours, common, but at the same time, unfortunately, the people living there do not feel this, all the time being in an unstable situation. We give today, we don’t give tomorrow, the day after tomorrow we discuss joint development, etc.” - this is how Dmitry Semibratov describes the situation on the southeastern tip of Russia - the Kuril Islands.

The Presidential Library’s collections showcase Vladimir Dal - lexicographer, military doctor, sapper, holder of the Vladimir Cross

20 November 2018

“Eagerly catching native speeches, words and rhetorical twists, he wrote them down ... How many times during hot conversation, snatching up a notebook, he managed to write down a speech or a word that someone escaped from his tongue - and no one heard him! There was no such a word in the dictionaries, and it was purely Russian”, - we read in the study of J. Groth “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language by V. I. Dahl” from the Presidential Library’s collections.

The Presidential Library to digitize 3.6 million scans of documents from RGIA

19 November 2018

The Presidential Library and the Russian State Historical Archive go on active and fruitful cooperation. The plans for 2019 are to digitize the historical materials of RGIA with their subsequent placement in the Presidential Library’s electronic collections of 3,600,000 scanned pages. Of these, 3 million 490 thousand scans belong to especially valuable archival documents, 100 thousand to personal funds and 10 thousand to other rare papers.

The Presidential Library has laid out priorities for the Year of Granin

19 November 2018

A meeting of the Organizing Committee for the Year of Granin was held at the Presidential Library within the framework of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. At the meeting, under the leadership of the President of the Russian Book Union, Sergei Stepashin, they discussed the plan of the main events to perpetuate the memory, prepare and hold celebrations of the centenary anniversary of the birth of Daniil Granin (1919–2017) in 2019.

Little-Known Facts of the Life of the Eminent Russian Navigator I. F. Krusenstern reflected in the Presidential Library’s materials

19 November 2018

Adam Johann - a person at birth who glorified Russian fleet, but under a completely different name. November 19, 2018 marks the 248th anniversary of the birth of the famous navigator Ivan Fedorovich Krusenshtern. The Presidential Library's collections contain a large amount of materials dedicated to the admiral - historical documents, studies, atlases, maps, and much more.

Lomonosov in Presidential Library’s collections: “He himself was our first university”

19 November 2018

“The divine sign is vividly expressed in human genius, in their thoughts, speeches, and exploits: they stand so high above their contemporaries and are so little understood by them; they plan so far ahead, drawing new paths for the research and highlighting new horizons for posterity”, - Archpriest N. Bogolyubsky, professor of theology, said about Lomonosov marking the 200th anniversary of the scholar, widely celebrated in Russia more than a century ago.

The Presidential Library’s materials illustrate Suvorov as legendary generalissimo

19 November 2018

November 24, 2018 marks 288 years (according to other sources - 289 years) since the birth of the outstanding Russian commander, national hero, founder of the national military theory of Count Rymniksky and Prince of Italy of Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, to whom a special collection of the Presidential Library is dedicated.

The Presidential Library has signed agreements with major museums of Russia

16 November 2018

The Presidential Library has agreed on close cooperation with a number of major museums in Russia. The ceremony of signing agreements took place in the building on Senate Square, 3, in the framework of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The Pushkin All-Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Suvorov State Memorial Museum (St. Petersburg), the Pushkin State Museum (Moscow) and the Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve (Veliky Novgorod) have become the official partners of the library. Organizations were represented by their leaders.

Literature and digital technologies, the most reading region of Russia, the Year of Daniil Granin - the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum took place at the Presidential Library

15 November 2018

The book industry development, the digital era opportunities and its influence on the interest of young people in reading, the promotion of literature through digital technologies - these and other topical issues were discussed by the participants of the plenary session of the Literature and Reading section that opened today, November 15, 2018, in the Presidential Library in the framework of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The round table brought together representatives of the authorities, the largest publishing houses, universities, Russian and foreign library associations and cultural institutions.