Unknown facts about the crown of the Russian Empire revealed by the Presidential Library

22 September 2022

260 years ago, a large imperial crown of the Russian Empire, the main dynastic regalia and an attribute of the power of Russian monarchs, was created. For the first time, Russian subjects saw it at the solemn coronation of Catherine II, which took place on September 22 (October 3, according to a new style), 1762. From then until the fall of the monarchy, the large imperial crown witnessed the most solemn state ceremonies and significant events. It was crowned by all Russian monarchs from Catherine the Great to the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. The Presidential Library’s materials illustrate the history of the crown of the Russian Empire.

Director General of the Presidential Library

21 September 2022

Since September 21, 2022 by order of the Head of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation, Yuri Stanislavovich Nosov has been appointed Director General of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.

The Presidential Library’s materials tell about the famous sculptor Mikhail Anikushin

19 September 2022

September 19, 2022 marks the 105th anniversary since the birth of the Soviet Russian sculptor Mikhail Anikushin (1917–1997), a master whose creative work has greatly contributed to the formation of the contemporary look of our city. For many Petersburg residents and guests, his works have already become an integral part of Leningrad – Petersburg. People set up meetings near Pushkin at the Arts Square, while excursions and concerts take place near the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad on the Victory Square…

“Blazing in the fire of ideas”: The Presidential Library spotlights the 165th anniversary of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

17 September 2022

The Presidential Library handles the memory of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky with care by publishing and expending its portal’s collection of rare publications, dedicated to the life and work of the founder of Russian cosmonautics, his works on the theory of air and star navigation, rocket science, astronomy, physics, biology, as well as philosophical and sci-fi works.