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Acceptance of works for the Foreign View Contest: Russia, Belarus, Italy are on top

4 December 2019

The Presidential Library is accepting works for the X International Annual Multimedia Contest Foreign View. It is dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia and its motto is “The World as a Theater”. The contest participants were given the task not only to fulfill all its conditions, but also to show creative skills. Each work should become a kind of scene on which the author, like a theater director and playwright, will be able to show his vision of the world and tell his own story.   

Everyone is invited to participate in the contest, without restrictions on age and level of professionalism. The main condition: projects prepared by Russians abroad and foreign citizens in Russia are accepted for the contest. 

Acceptance of materials started on June 27, 2019. The contest’s website receives photographs and video works which compete in its originality... For example, the photograph “Met by Surprise”, where a mime in an old carriage looks very organic on the anniversary of the St. Petersburg tram. The work “Modern Life as a Theater” is very indicative of the modern world: tourists flock to the Indonesian island from different countries to enjoy the beauties of nature. However, the guys captured in the photograph do not pay any attention to the surrounding splendor: they do not break away from their mobile phones. A few years ago, who would have thought that in addition to real life, we will have a virtual one?..

The nomination “All Life is a Theater” features a work celebrating motherhood. This theme has always attracted painters. A modern photo artist presents his idea no less interestingly, showing that any woman who has given birth to a child knows a certain secret, which is known only to her alone.

According to obvious reasons, commenting on the most interesting of the received images, we do not name the authors' names - we must wait for the final of the contest and summing up. But now we can say that the countries: Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Italy are on top in the number of photographs and video works presented.

All the nominations are selected in such a way that everyone can be reflected from the better side. Thus, the nomination "National Theaters" is dedicated to those who sacredly keep the long-standing traditions of their unique scene.

The task of a photographer and cameraman participating in the nomination “All Life is a Theater” is to show the surrounding reality. The main characters of the Carnival theme will be street actors, musicians and even stuntmen.

The nomination “Heroes in the Backstage” will spotlight the stage workers whom the viewer never sees, but they create the unique atmosphere of the performance.

Photographs and video works about those who are just starting their career will be included in “I Am an Actor!” nomination.

Professional theater photographers and cameramen are invited to participate in “Masters About Masters” nomination. And for fans who are lucky enough to make an unusual, interesting shot on the camera of their gadget, the “Mobile Photo” nomination is available, which can be downloaded with the hashtag #foreignview2019 on Instagram. Here the winner will be determined by popular vote.

By tradition, Foreign View Contest includes a separate - geographical nomination, this year called “Belarus through the eyes of Russians, Russia through the eyes of Belarusians”. It is dedicated to the common historical and cultural path of two fraternal Slavic peoples.

Acceptance of works in all nominations of the X International Annual Multimedia Contest Foreign View will be held until January 14, 2020 and the award ceremony will take place in February 2020.

The project participants will not only compete for victory, but will also have the opportunity to become part of the global community, which annually creates for future generations a digital chronicle of the most outstanding events of our time. Vivid photographs will be included in the photo album and along with the best clips will add the electronic collections of the Presidential Library. The prepared materials of the multimedia contest will become a component of exhibitions at various cultural venues of the country.

Academic Theater “On Mokhovaya street” and “Grand Canyon” Development Territory are the partners of the Foreign View Photo Contest.

Detailed information about the project, as well as the registration form and the submission of competitive applications are available on website.