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The Presidential Library takes part in the opening of the Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Nazism in St. Petersburg

14 February 2020

February 27, 2020 the Russian Museum of Military Medicine - the Museum of Russian Medicine and the Military Medical Service – on the eve of the Year of Memory and Glory and in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 opens the Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Nazism. The Presidential Library is one of the museum’s partners.

The Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Nazism is evidence of many years of scientific study and comprehension by the staff of the Russian Museum of Military Medicine of the history of the Second World War.

The exposition is based on the materials of the Extraordinary State Commission for identifying and investigating the atrocities of the Nazi invaders and their accomplices and the damage they caused to citizens, collective farms, public organizations, state enterprises and institutions of the USSR (ChGK), as well as materials from the Nuremberg trials that were transmitted after its ending at the Russian Museum of Military Medicine.

Museum exhibits spotlight the conditions in which prisoners of concentration camps lived, and what the life of prisoners - women and children was. Particular attention will be paid to medicine in Nazi concentration camps, including medical experiments and the mass destruction of prisoners. The exposition closes with a story about the liberation of the camps and the investigation of Nazi crimes.

The cooperation of the Presidential Library and the Museum of Military Medicine is actively developing. Thus, a year ago, the exhibits for the exhibition “Materialized Memory: Defence and Siege of Leningrad in Museum Expositions. Marking the 75th anniversary of the Complete Liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi siege”, which was opened in the building on Senate Square, 3 from January 24 to May 19, 2019 were transferred from the museum’s collections to the library. Among them are torches used for lighting, sanitary and parachute (medical paramedic) bags, wartime medical instruments and medicines, little-known photographs and archival documents, personal belongings of medical personnel. The siege exhibition and rare exhibits are available today thanks to the virtual tour provided on the Presidential Library’s portal.

The Presidential Library is constantly working on the formation of a major electronic collection Memory of the Great Victory, formed in 2010 and dedicated to the unparalleled feat of the Soviet people, who managed to survive and defeat the confrontation of Nazi aggression. The collection includes official documents, photo and newsreels, wartime newspapers, books of agitation and a propaganda nature, collections of articles, biographies, testimonies of combatants and workers of the home front, their personal documents, images of combat and labor awards, monuments and memorials complexes. In total, the collection currently contains about 24 thousand depository items.

Partners of the Museum of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation are Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, TASS News Agency, the Presidential Library, Information and Analytical Center "We Remember Everyone by Name", Petrospirt.

The opening hours of the Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Nazism at the Museum of Military Medicine: visit by appointment from February 26, tel. 8-812-952-55-43, 8-921-952-55-43. Museum address: Pushkinskaya metro station, Vvedensky Canal, 6.

Media contacts: Karina Nazanyan, tel.: 8-904-332-45-48 e-mail