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Russian and foreign cities preserve a common memory of the Victory

29 June 2020

A new project of Rossotrudnichestvo and the All-Russian Congress of Municipalities, which was presented at an online conference on June 23, 2020, is devoted to the theme of preserving the common memory of Victory. An international meeting in virtual space brought together representatives of municipalities, archives, youth education centers from Russia, Belarus, the USA, Great Britain, France, Israel, Slovakia, and Germany.

Welcoming the audience, Mikhail Bryukhanov, Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, emphasized that this project “is devoted to pressing issues of preserving the memory of the inadmissibility of war as a means of resolving disputes and the joint struggle against Nazism in World War II”. He recalled that the terrible trials that all the nations of the world had to go through formed the basis of the twin city movement in 1944: "Soviet Stalingrad and British Coventry were reborn from ashes and ruins, became a symbol of preserving peace for future generations."

Executive Secretary of the Our Victory Organizing Committee, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein spoke about the exploits of the Red Army soldiers and the twinning project of municipalities in the Samara Region and Belgian communes.

The large-scale electronic collection of the Presidential Library “Memory of the Great Victory” contains a large number of materials devoted to the Great Patriotic War. One of the sections of the collection includes photographs of individual memorial complexes and monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, located in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Murmansk, Tyumen Regions, Krasnoyarsk and Stavropol Territories as well as other regions of our country. 

The Presidential Library’s portal provides access to only part of unique digitized materials publicly available in the remote electronic reading rooms of the Presidential Library located in different countries.


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