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The Presidential Library provides an interactive tour!

22 January 2021

Today one has opportunity to visit the Presidential Library without leaving home thanks to a virtual tour available on the institution's portal. The tour is based on a 3D tour of the historic building of the Synod, which houses today a modern multifunctional cultural, educational and scientific center, but the live story of a guide makes the online visit more interesting and informatively rich.

The guide will help the virtual guest to find his way in the center of St. Petersburg, where the Presidential Library is located, will tell how the ensemble of the Senate and the Synod was created according to the project of the great master Carlo Rossi, and will highlight the details of its rich architectural and interior decoration.

From any corner of the world today one has opportunity to visit the representative conference hall of the Presidential Library, where events, including the highest state level are held, as well as a high-tech multimedia hall, the home Church of the Holy Fathers of the Seven Ecumenical Councils, exhibition halls where temporary exhibitions are located, and the Constitution Hall dedicated to the history of the main document of the Russian Federation. In the electronic reading room, the visitor will be told how to work with materials from the vast collection of the national electronic repository, including remotely.

The history of the building on Senate Square, 3 is available thanks to a virtual tour, which provides a significant amount of additional information. For example, an infographics created on the basis of digitized documents and telling about the history of the development of the territory on which the Synod building is located, from 1703 to 1825.

Virtual tours are an actively developing area of ​​the Presidential Library’s activity, thanks to which the electronic storage fund, along with paper, photo, audio and video materials, is added with exhibits from exhibitions, items from museum collections. 

Today there are more than twenty-five virtual tours and excursions available for remote visits. They are available on the Presidential Library’s portal in Exhibitions section at the link