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The Presidential Library attends the International Professional Forum in Crimea

8 June 2021

The VI International Professional Forum “Book. Culture. Education. Innovations" ("Crimea-2021") is held in Sudak on June 5-13, 2021.

Every year the forum is attended by heads and leading specialists of the world's largest libraries, information companies, teachers of cultural universities and other educational institutions, employees of publishing houses, bookselling organizations, scientists, culture and education workers, representatives of world database manufacturers and others.

The forum focuses on the whole range of problems of information services for the population by various structures - from libraries and universities to publishing houses and bookstores. One of the constant main topics is the use of modern computer technologies in order to improve information services for the population.

Specialists of the Presidential Library traditionally actively participate in the events of the forum, sharing their experience in the main areas of the institution's activities.

The official opening of the forum took place on June 7. On the same day, acting Director General of the Presidential Library Pavel Tereshchenko spoke online at a plenary session with the report "Information Library Systems: Where to Find a Scalable Digital Technological Platform for Russian Libraries?"

The round table "Integration of digital resources: new trends" organized by the Presidential Library will be held on June 8. The event will feature speeches by the institution's specialists on the topics “The Integrated Electronic Fund of the Presidential Library: New Directions of Acquisition, Analysis and Evaluation”, “On the Experience of Interaction with Scientific and Educational Organizations in Forming the Resources of the Presidential Library with Modern Scientific Literature”, “Digital Collections for Information Support of Cultural - educational events: on the example of the Presidential Library", "About the role of regional centers of the Presidential Library in the development of the regional network of remote access centers", "Additional professional education in the Presidential Library: current state and development prospects", "Metadata specialist: a new specialty for modern libraries”, “About exhibition projects and new forms of interaction with the user in 2020 on the example of the multimedia project “The Great Patriotic War, Which Determined the Outcome of the Second World War””.

The Presidential Library actively cooperates with the Republic of Crimea. 11 centers of remote access to the resources of the Presidential Library have been opened on the peninsula.

The institution's portal features electronic collections Republic of Crimea: Pages of History, containing studies, essays, archival documents, photographs and other materials that spotlight the administrative, socio-economic, socio-political and cultural development of the peninsula from ancient times to the beginning of the XX century as well as Crimea in Postcards, which includes 850 postcards from the late 19th - first half of the 20th century.