The IX All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Symbols of Russia: the Past and the Present” to be held in Ryazan

5 April 2024

On April 11, 2024 at 11.00 (Moscow time) with the support of the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Library, the IX All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Symbols of Russia: the Past and the Present” will be held in Ryazan. The event will be held as part of the V Interregional Youth Patriotic Forum “Science of Victory”.

The purpose of the conference is to promote the consolidation of the scientific and professional potential of federal and regional institutions, public associations, scientists and researchers dealing with state symbols, to form the patriotic consciousness of Russian citizens as a spiritual guideline and the most important resource for the development of modern Russian society.

Organizers: Government of Ryazan Region, Heraldic Council under the Governor of Ryazan Region, Russian Library Association, Public Chamber of Ryazan Region, Gorky Ryazan Regional Universal Scientific Library, Ryazan Library Society, Ryazan Regional Council of Women, Charitable Foundation "Forpost", Council of Young Librarians of Ryazan Region .

Representatives of federal, regional and municipal authorities, experts in the field of heraldry, library and museum workers, and members of the journalistic community will join the event in person and via video conferencing.

Conference participants will discuss the following topics:

— symbols of Russia, born of “time Z”: the development of traditions of state and military heraldry;

— creation of state symbols in new Russian regions;

— history of Russian state symbols: new achievements and research horizons;

— practical heraldry of modern Russia: development and use of national, departmental, regional and municipal symbols;

— forms and methods of popularizing heraldic knowledge;

— local history and heraldry: heraldic topics in the study and teaching of the history of the native land.

The plenary session will be broadcast live on the Kultura RF portal. 

Organizing committee: Marina Tyabina – head of the Ryazan regional center of the Presidential Library, tel. 8 (996) 911-44-02; Irina Antipova – chief custodian of the collections, tel. 8 (4912) 93-55-24; Vladimir Gornov – scientific secretary, tel. 8 (903) 693-17-07.

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