Herald of law. G. 30, 1900, No. 4/5 (April-May)

Journal of Law: Journal of the Legal Society at the Imperial St. Petersburg University. - St. Petersburg, 1871-1906
G. 30, 1900, No. 4/5 (April-May). - 1900. - [2], II, 316, 56, 177-224 c. -
Contents: Morality, law and religion according to the current Russian law. Essay II: Tolerance and the national principle of the law in force / Prof. M. A. Reisner. Claims of illegal enrichment at 1 pm X v. V. Obligations from actions for the benefit of others (continued) / Prof. LI Petrazhitsky. Personal liability under the statutes of state administration (continued) / A.K. von Rezona. On the replacement of corporal punishment in the troops / G. Yu. F. On the issue of the age limit / VA Volzhina. Legal review. Literary Review. Applications. - Copy of SPbU defective: absent from. 113-585. (Draft new version of the Charter of Civil Proceedings ...) .
1. Legal Society (St. Petersburg, city) - Periodicals. 2. Power (collection). 3. Law - Periodicals. 4. Juridical journals - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries.
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