The view of the foreigner. Language in a Changing World

The view of the foreigner. Language in the Changing World: IV Annual International Photo Contest of the Presidential Library, June 18 - October 10, 2013: [information video] / Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, [Press Service; aut. Text: Erofeeva OA; operator: Osin AA; installation: Bychkov ER]. - Electron. Dan. (1 video file: 72 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2013. -
Systems. Requirements: 1 GHz or higher; RAM 512 MB or higher; Windows; Windows Media Player; video adapter; sound. card.
Access mode: the Internet portal of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
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Duration: 3 min. 09 sec.
Multimedia electronic publication.
The fourth photo contest "Foreign View" is devoted to the theme "Language in a Changing World" and has 7 nominations: "Immortality of the people in its language", "Learning another, you will know "" Novations and Traditions "," Nostalgia "," Holland through the eyes of Russians "," Photo Series Contest "," The World Around Us " .
I. Erofeeva, Olga Alexandrovna. II. Osin, Andrei Alekseevich. III. Bychkov, Yegor Romanovich. IV. "Foreign View", international photo contest (4; St. Petersburg, 2013). V. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin. Press Service (St. Petersburg). 1. "Foreign View", an international photo competition (St. Petersburg, city, 2013) - Multimedia publications. 2. Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Events - 2013 - Multimedia publications.
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