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Climbing [Film: electronic resource]: [documentary] / scriptwriter and director: P. Medvedev; the author of the idea: V. Telnov; operators: D. Zavilgelsky. A. Gusev, D. Alekseev; sound engineer: S. Moshkov; installation: L. Solovtsova; Producers: V. Telnov, A. Telnov; St. Petersburg studio of documentary films. - Electronic data (1 video file). - (St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, 2008). -
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System requirements: 1 GHz or higher; RAM 512 MB or higher; Windows; Windows Media Player; video adapter; sound card.
The title from the screen.
Duration: 48 min 55s. Black and white, with sound.
On the title page: the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography and the FSUE "TVE" St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio "present the film of Pavel Medvedev Ascending.
Original Resource: Climbing [Film]: [ documentary film] / scriptwriter and director: P. Medvedev, author of the idea: V. Telnov, cameramen: D. Zavilgelsky, A. Gusev, D. Alekseev, sound producer: S. Moshkov, editing: L. Solovtsova, producers: V. Telnov, A. Telnov, St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio [St. Petersburg]: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio 2008. Film (35 mm), 1454 m. Black and white, with sound Location: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio.
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The St. Petersburg Documentary Studio films.
The chronicle-documentary film, shot in 2008 by the director Pavel Medvedev, is dedicated to the moral analysis of the exploration of the cosmos by mankind.The film uses materials from the funds of the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, the Russian State archives of scientific and technical documentation, the Russian State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents and the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences .
I. Medvedev, Pavel (film director, 1963-). II. Zavilgelsky, Dmitry Gennadievich (1973-). III. Gusev, Alexander (operator). IV. Alekseev, Dmitry (operator). V. Moshkov, Sergei (sound engineer, 1961-). VI. Solovtsova, Larissa (editor). VII. Telnov, Vyacheslav Nikolaevich (1958-). VIII. Telnov, Alexey Nikolaevich. IX. St. Petersburg studio of documentary films. X. Russian Federation. Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography. The people (the collection). 2. Open space (collection). 3. Outer space - Mastering - Philosophical issues - Newsreel. 4. Documentaries.
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E-copy source: St.Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Location of original: S.-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Издательство Санкт-Петербургская студия документальных фильмов
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