Elections of the President of the Russian Federation. 2004

Elections of the President of the Russian Federation. 2004: Electoral statistics / Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation; [under the general editorship of Cand. jurid. Sciences AA Veshnyakova, Cand. Sc. jurid. sciences of O. K. Zastrozhnaya]. - Moscow: The Whole World, 2004. - 193, [1] p. : color. ill., Port. ; 29 cm. -
The collection contains an extensive statistical, factual, comparative-analytical material that allows obtaining reliable information based on genuine documents and facts about all stages of the electoral process .
I. Veshnyakov, Alexander Albertovich (1952 -). II. Zastrozhnaya, Olga Kirillovna (1944-). III. Russian Federation. Central Election Commission. Power (collection). 2. Electoral system in Russia: history and modernity (collection). 3. Presidential Election - Electoral Statistics - Russian Federation - 2004.
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