Galicia in her antiquity


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  Lukomsky, Georgy Kreskentievich  (1884-1952).    
Galicia in its antiquity: essays on the history of architecture of the XII-XVIII centuries. and drawings by GK Lukomsky. - Petrograd: edition by R. R. Golike and A. Vilborg, 1915. -
Закл. Region: Ancient architecture of Galicia in sketches and drawings by G. K. Lukomsky.
Bibliography: p. 117-126.
The presented publication contains essays on the history of architecture of the ХІІ-XVIII century. and drawings of the Russian historian, art critic and artist GK Lukomsky. The author describes his visits to the Galician cities, compares them with the largest European capitals, notes the peculiarities of the architecture of these cities, the influence of Western trends on Galicia. The special value of this publication is the author's illustrations depicting the sights and simply picturesque places of Krakow, Lviv, Peremyshly and others. .
1. Territory (collection). 2. Galicia - Architecture - 12th - 18th centuries.
BBK 63.3 (4Ukr-9) 4-7
BBK 85.113 (3)
Source of electronic copy: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Location of original material: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Издательство издание Т-ва Р. Голике и А. Вильборг
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