Coat of arms of the Stolypin family

The coat of arms of the Stolypin family [Document]: [figure]. - [18--]. - 1 liter. : color. .
Foundation for Studying the Heritage of PA Stolypin.
1. Stolypins (noble family) - Coat of arms. 2. PA Stolypin: to the 150th anniversary of his birth (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. Power (collection).
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Description of the arms: Shield quadrangular (French) form. In the upper half of the shield - a red field, in the bottom - blue. In the shield is depicted a one-headed silver eagle, holding a snake in the right paw, and in the left - a silver horseshoe, with a gold cross. The shield is decorated with a West European helmet, crowned with a noble crown. Crest - three ostrich feathers. The bait: on the right - the scarlet, lined with gold, to the left - the azure, lined with gold. Shchitoderzhateli - two unicorns. Under the shield is the motto: "DEO SPES MEA" (God is our hope - lat.). Source: PA Stolypin's Heritage Study Fund (
The source of the electronic copy: PA Heritage Research Fund. Stolypin
Location on map of the original: PA Stolypin's Heritage Study Fund
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