The Imperial Leader of the Land of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great

  Tikhomirov, Dmitry Ivanovich  (teacher, 1844-1915).    
The sovereign leader of the land, the Russian emperor Peter the Great: a historical essay for the family and the school: compiled by Ustryalov, Solovyov, Brickner, Klyuchevsky and a friend. D. I. Tikhomirov. - Moscow: the editorial board of the journals "Children's Reading" and "The Pedagogical Sheet", 1905. - [2], 333 p. : ill., Port. ; 21. - (Library for families and schools) .
I. Ustryalov, Nikolai Gerasimovich (1805-1870). II. Soloviev, Sergey Mikhailovich (historian, 1820 - 1879). III. Brikner, Alexander Gustavovich (1834-1896). 1. Peter I (the emperor of Russia, 1672 - 1725). 2. House of the Romanovs (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection).
BBC 63.3 (2) 511-8
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Publisher редакция журналов "Детское чтение" и "Педагогический листок"
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