Legislation of European states on librarianship and mandatory copies of documents

Legislation of the European states on the library business and the obligatory copy of the documents. [Scientific editors and authors: N. V. Dunaeva, Dr. Juridic. Sciences, R. A. Gimadeev, Cand. philol. Sciences, KN ​​Knyaginin, Cand. jurid. Sciences, DA Saveliev, Cand. jurid. sciences]. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2015. - 255 p. : ill., fax .. - (Collections of the Presidential Library). -
Bibliography in footnotes.
The collection contains translations of texts of normative legal acts of a number of European states in the field of library education, the formation of library collections, including by providing a binding copy of the documents. - ISBN 978-5-905273-61-2 .
I. Dunaeva, Natalia Viktorovna (Doctor of Law). II. Gimadeev, Rustem Anasovich. III. Knyaginin, Konstantin Nikolaevich (1959-). IV. Savelyev, Denis Alexandrovich. Power (collection). 2. Librarianship - Europe - Legislative materials. 3. Mandatory copy of documents - Legislative materials.
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ISBN 978-5-905273-61-2
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