Icon "Intercosmos of the USSR - India, 1984"

Icon "Intercosmos of the USSR - India, 1984": [photo] / photographer A. Melentiev. - Electronic data (1 file: 1.4 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. -
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In the photo: souvenir badge "Intercosmos of the USSR - India, 1984". The square shape icon in the center is a circle in the middle of which the logo of the program "Intercosmos": a circle in which a red star tends from below upwards, in the middle a strip with the inscription "Intercosmos", above it: 1984. Around the logo in a circle are located: in the upper part - the flags of the USSR and India, at the bottom - the inscription: "USSR - India." Yellow metal. Red, white, blue, beige and green enamel. Stamping. The size is 29x29 mm. Pin fastening. On the reverse side - the brand of the manufacturer: Special Design Bureau of X-ray equipment (Leningrad), price 25 kopeks. Location: From a private collection. - Souvenir badge "Intercosmos of the USSR - India, 1984" is dedicated to the flight of the Soviet-Indian international crew aboard the Soyuz T-11 spacecraft on April 11, 1984, as part of the Soviet space program Interkosmos. In April 1967, the specialists of the countries concerned adopted a program on joint work in the field of research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, which in 1970 was called Interkosmos. The program involved countries: the USSR, Bulgaria, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic, Cuba, Mongolia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and others .
I. Melentiev, Alexei Mikhailovich (1958-). II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). III. Special Design Bureau of X-ray equipment (Leningrad) .1. "Intercosmos" program - Badges. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Open space (collection). 4. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 5. USSR - Relationships - India - Badges. 6. India - Relations - USSR - Badges. 7. Souvenir badges - the USSR.
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