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The icon "Stalingrad, 1942." Swallow ": [photo] / photographer A. Melentiev - Electronic data (1 file: 1.2 MB) - St. Petersburg: The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. - Access mode: the Internet portal of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
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On the photo: souvenir badge "Stalingrad. 1942. The Swallow. Icon rectangular in the center - a relief symbolic image of the ship. In the upper part there is the inscription: "Swallow". In the lower part of the inscription: "Stalingrad, 1942". White metal. Stamping. The size is 17x29 mm. Pin fastening. On the reverse side - the brand of the manufacturer: Volgograd Experimental Plant "Souvenir". Location: From a private collection. - Souvenir badge "Stalingrad, 1942." Swallow "is dedicated to the small wheeled steamer" Swallow ", built in 1884. It resembled a living model of a real towboat .The power of only 90 hp, it had a small hull, ship superstructure, chimney , side wheels with wooden plates and towing arches in the stern, it was the only one in the Volga-Kama basin, the entire team of "Swallows" consisted of 5. Since the beginning of the bombing of Stalingrad, all the ferry crossings linking the center of the city to the left bank of the Volga are forced They stopped the work, as the enemy struck at ships, piers and piers, making single river vessels, more than 10 WWF minesweepers and pontoon-and-bridge battalion units, saving the inhabitants of the city through the Volga, maneuvering among the explosions of the bombs, escaping from the cannon and machine gunfire , fascist planes and fighting off their attacks with the fire of their antiaircraft means, they made their way to the right bank of the Volga, delivering military replenishment, ammunition, equipment, and then they took the inhabitants and wounded fighters and sent them to the left bank. In the first days of the furious bombing, the Swallow transported the inhabitants from Stalingrad, on fire, to the left bank of the Volga. Working on the Stalingrad crossings, "Swallow" carried 18 thousand people and towed 20 thousand tons of various cargo .
I. Melentiev, Alexei Mikhailovich (1958-). II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). III. "Souvenir", Volgograd pilot plant. The people (the collection). 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Volgograd Region (collection). 5. Volgograd region: pages of history (collection). 6. Stalingrad defensive operation - 1942 - Badges. 7. Water transport - Work on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War - 1941 - 1945 - Badges. 8. Souvenir badges - the USSR.
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