Historical description of Russian commerce at all ports and borders. T. 1, book. 2

Chulkov, Mikhail Dmitrievich (ok.1743-1792).    
The historical description of Russian commerce at all ports and borders: From ancient time to present and all pre-eminent legitimacy of this emperor Emperor. Peter the Great and now safely reigning empress Empress. Catherine the Great, / Wrote by Mikhail Chulkov. - In St. Petersburg: Under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1781-1788. - 4. -
The first parts of this work (v. 1, Book 1, 2, v. 2, Book 1) baked. in the type. Acad. Sciences and published on the account of "Cabinet EI V.".
Front. grav. N. Sablin and A. Kolpashnikov in Fig. A. Zakharova. Screensaver in t. 1 grav. N. Sablin.
95-96 in the book. 1 t. 1 are available in two var. In var. 2 a footnote was taken. note. and inserted a large paragraph beginning with the words: Byzantine historians, Mavururbin ...
Beginning with Volume 2 of the book. The third edition was printed in Moscow, at the University Printing Office of NI Novikov.
Contains volumes: T. 1: Warning; Foreword; Ancient Russian commerce; Trade of the Middle Ages - until the end of the XVII century; XVIII century. Trade in the port of Arkhangelsk; T. 2: Trade through the Black Sea (book 1); Trade through the Caspian Sea (book 2); Trade with Khiva, Bukhara, India and with the steppe peoples through Orenburg (book 3); T. 3: Siberian bidding and goods (book 1); Trade with China, Mongolia "and Kalmyks at the Kyakhta Outpost" (book 2); T. 4: Trade at the St. Petersburg and Kronstadt ports (book 1-6); T. 5: Trade at the ports of Riga, Pernov and Ahrensburg (book 1); T. 6: Domestic trade. Ways of communication (book 1); Plants (general overview); Alf. list of factories with references: where the plant is, how it is equipped, what it produces, to whom it belongs (book 2); Factories and manufactories (book 3); Fairs in Russia [full dictionary]; Cities and products [dictionary]; Money turnover. Mail (book 4); T. 7. Treatises and Charters on Trade (Book 1); Painting of all and any rank of the goods of Russian commerce (book 2). - SK XVIII.
I. Zakharov, Alexander. II. Kolpashnikov, Alexei Yakovlevich (1744-1814). III. Sablin, Nikolai Yakovlevich (1730-1808) .1. Trade - History - Russia.
BBC 63.3 (2) -201
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T. 1, book. 2. - 1782. - [4], 618 sec., 2 liters. Table. .
1. Development of foreign trade in Russia: history and current status (collection). 2. The Russian state and economy (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Trade - History - Russia.
BBC 63.3 (2) -201
BBK 65.42 (2) -03
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