Historical description of Russian commerce at all ports and borders. T. 7, book. 1

  Chulkov, Mikhail Dmitrievich  (ok.1743-1792).    
The historical description of Russian commerce at all ports and borders: From ancient time to present and all pre-eminent legitimacy of this emperor Emperor. Peter the Great and now safely reigning empress Empress. Catherine the Great, / Wrote by Mikhail Chulkov. - In St. Petersburg: Under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1781-1788. - 4. -
The first parts of this work (vol.1, book 1-2, v. 2, v. 1) baked. in the type. Acad. Sciences and published on the account of "Cabinet EI V.".
Front. grav. N. Sablin and A. Kolpashnikov in Fig. A. Zakharova. Screensaver in t. 1 grav. N. Sablin.
95-96 in the book. 1 t. 1 are available in two var. In var. 2 a footnote was taken. note. and inserted a large paragraph beginning with the words: Byzantine historians, Mavururbin ...
Beginning with Volume 2 of the book. The third edition was printed in Moscow, at the University Printing Office of NI Novikov.
Contains volumes: T. 1: Warning; Foreword; Ancient Russian commerce; Trade of the Middle Ages - until the end of the XVII century; XVIII century. Trade in the port of Arkhangelsk; T. 2: Trade through the Black Sea (book 1); Trade through the Caspian Sea (book 2); Trade with Khiva, Bukhara, India and with the steppe peoples through Orenburg (book 3); T. 3: Siberian bidding and goods (book 1); Trade with China, Mongolia "and Kalmyks at the Kyakhta Outpost" (book 2); T. 4: Trade at the St. Petersburg and Kronstadt ports (book 1-6); T. 5: Trade at the ports of Riga, Pernov and Ahrensburg (book 1); T. 6: Domestic trade. Ways of communication (book 1); Plants (general overview); Alf. list of factories with references: where the plant is, how it is equipped, what it produces, to whom it belongs (book 2); Factories and manufactories (book 3); Fairs in Russia [full dictionary]; Cities and products [dictionary]; Money turnover. Mail (book 4); T. 7. Treatises and Charters on Trade (Book 1); Painting of all and any rank of the goods of Russian commerce (book 2). - SK XVIII .
I. Zakharov, Alexander. II. Kolpashnikov, Alexei Yakovlevich (1744-1814). III. Sablin, Nikolai Yakovlevich (1730-1808). 1. Trade - History - Russia.
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T. 7, book. 1. - 1788. - 946 p., [19] p. Table. .
1. Development of foreign trade in Russia: history and current status (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Trade - History - Russia.
BBC 63.3 (2) -201
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