The history of Sevastopol as a Russian port

Golovachev, Victor Filippovich (1821-1904).    
History of Sevastopol as a Russian port / [composition] VF Golovachova. - St. Petersburg: edition of the Sevastopol department at the Polytechnic Exhibition, 1872. - [2], III, [3], IV, 260 p., 1 p. kart. ; 24 centimeters .
I. Golovachov, Viktor Filippovich (1821-1904) .1. Territory (collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Sevastopol, city (collection). 3. Sevastopol - the city of Russian sea glory (collection). 4. Sevastopol, the city - History.
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Publisher издание Севастопольского отдела на Политехнической выставке
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