How Did Yesenin Live


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Vinogradskaya, Sofya Semenovna (1901-1964).    
How did Yesenin / Sophia Vinogradskaya live? - Moscow: Akts. ed. Ogonyok Island, 1926. - 35 pp .. - (Library Ogonek, No. 201). -
Cover title: How Sergei Yesenin lived.
A copy of the Cultural and Historical Foundation "The Connection of Times". Faberge Museum with handwritten litters.
1. Yesenin, Sergei Alexandrovich (1895 - 1925). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russia in the Face (collection).
BBC 83.3 (2 = 411.2) 6-8.2
Electronic copy source: PB
Location on the book: Cultural and historical foundation "Communication of times". The Faberge Museum
Издательство Акц. изд. о-во "Огонек"
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