The Kiev province. Plan of mountains. Kaneva

      Russia. Ministry of the Interior. Technical and Construction Committee.
The Kiev province. Plan of mountains. Kaneva [Case]: 1844 - 1844. - 2 sheets. - (Fund of the Technical and Construction Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inventory No. 166, Kiev Gubernia). -
Title on the folder: Project plan of mountains. Kaneva of the Kiev Gubernia
The case contains the original design plan of the city of Kanev in the Kiev province of 1844 and its copy. On the original handwritten resolution of Emperor Nicholas I. Scale: 50 sazhen in 1 English inch. Paper. Ink, pencil, watercolor .
1. Territory (collection). 2. Kanev, city (Ukraine) - Plans.
BBC 63.3 (28-8Kie-2Kanev) 52n64
BBK 85.118n64
Source of electronic copy: РГИА
Location on the secret of the original: РГИА. F. 1293. Op. 166. The Kiev Gubernia. D. 113.
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