Kronstadt St. Andrew's Cathedral

Kronstadt St. Andrew's Cathedral: 1817 - LXXV - 1892: August 26: [historical essay]: published in favor of the Kronstadt St. Andrew's Cathedral: with the portraits of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow and Archpriest John Ilyich Sergiev and with the cathedral's exterior and interior. - Kronstadt: printing house of V.Voschinsky, 1892 (St.Petersburg :). - [2], 124 s., 3 l. ill., Port. ; 21 centimeters .
1. St. Andrew's Cathedral (Kronstadt, city, St. Petersburg, city) - Documents and materials. 2. Kronstadt - the city of Russian sea glory (collection). 3. Territory (collection).
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Publisher типография В. Вощинской
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