Materials for the history of the nobility of the Tver province

Apukhtin, Vsevolod Rostislavovich (1874 - after 1928).    
Materials for the history of the nobility of the Tver province: the Tver nobility militia in the Patriotic War and the donations of the nobles of the Tver province in 1812: the publication of the Tver nobility for the centennial anniversary / edited by the Tver provincial leader of the nobility Alexander Stepanovich Paskin; materials collected and the essay was a full member of the Tver Scientific Archive Commission Vsevolod Rostislavovich Apukhtin. - Tver: printing house of the Provincial Zemstvo, 1912. - [2], 114 p. ; 25 cm. -
Before the title: 1812 - 1912
Index of names: p. 112-114.
I. Paskin, Alexander Stepanovich (1846-1914). II. Tver provincial nobility meeting. Power (collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: Tver Region (collection). 6. Tver region: pages of history (collection). 7. Patriotic War - Tver Province - 1812. 8. Nobility - Russia - 1st half. 19 in ..
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