Methodical recommendations for cataloging and indexing of electronic copies of documents


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    Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).
Methodical recommendations on cataloging and indexing of electronic copies of documents / Presidential Library; [Zavyalova LV, Maskhulia TL, Selivanova Yu. G., Stegaeva MV; under the general editorship of the doctor of pedagogical sciences Zhabko ED]. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2014. -287 p. : ill., color. yl. -
Contains: Part 1. Approaches and principles for the formation of bibliographic records for electronic copies. Part 2. Cataloging and indexing of electronic copies of different types of documents. Part 3. Particular methods of indexing.
. -150 copies. -ISBN 978-5-905273-49-0 .
I. Zhabko, Elena Dmitrievna (doctor of pedagogical sciences). II. Zavyalova, Lyubov Vladimirovna (1975). III. Selivanova, Julia Gennadievna (candidate of pedagogical sciences). IV. Maskhulia, Tatyana Leonardovna. V. Stegaeva, Maria Vitalievna. Libraries - Electronic resources - Indexing - Methodical aids. 2. Authoritative files of subject headings - Methodical aids.
ББК 78.362я81
Source of electronic copy: ПБ
Location of original retention: ПБ
ISBN 978-5-905273-49-0
Издательство Президентская библиотека
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