Oliridzh and Shevchenko //. Cry

Yelpatievsky, Sergei Yakovlevich (1854-1933).    
Oliridzh and Shevchenko: (a page from the past) / S. Elpatievsky; artist: LO Pasternak. -
The essay on the friendship of Taras Shevchenko with the black American actor Olrijem entered the collection of works by writers, artists and composers of the early 20th century who took part in a charity event for the victims of the First World War. The author of the essay compared two creative personalities - the American Olric and the Ukrainian poet Shevchenko. The friendship of these people is not accidental - their fates are similar in many respects, both were born in slavery, but thanks to their giftedness and love of art, they were able to become free and each of them glorified his people in artistic creativity. In the memoirs of S. Elpatievsky, the personality of the Count Fyodor Tolstoy, a St. Petersburg patron of art workers, who achieved the return of Taras Shevchenko from the Caspian exile, and gave him the opportunity to freely study painting and poetry, was also cited. // Call: A Compilation for the Victims of War / editors: I. A Bunin, VV Veresaev, ND Teleshov. - Moscow, 1915. - P. 87-89, [1] f. yl. .
I. Pasternak, Leonid Osipovich (1862-1945) .1. Aldridge, Ira (1807 - 1867). 2. Shevchenko, Taras Grigorievich (1814 - 1861). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. TG Shevchenko (collection).
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