Letters from NM Karamzin to II Dmitriev

Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766-1826).    
Letters from N. M. Karamzin to II Dmitriev: the photographs are attached to the letters and a portrait of Karamzin: [on the day of the centenary of the birth of N. M. Karamzin] / on behalf of the Department of the Russian Language and Literature of the Imperial Academy of Sciences published with notes and a pointer J. Grot and P. Pekarsky. - St. Petersburg: edition of the II Department of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1866. - [716] p. Sec. pag., 1 liter. front. (portrait), 1 liter. Fax. ; 25 cm. -
Part of the text in French.
The book also: Tom a hundred years: a poem: dedicated to the memory of Karamzin / Prince Vyazemsky. - Bibliography in the text of the notes. - Index of personal names at the end of the book.
I. Dmitriev, Ivan Ivanovich (1760-1837). II. Grotto, Jacob Karlovich (1812-1893). III. Pekarsky, Petr Petrovich (1827-1872) .1. Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766 - 1826) - Correspondence. 2. Dmitriev, Ivan Ivanovich (1760 - 1837) - Correspondence. 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. NM Karamzin (collection).
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