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Shevchenko, Taras Grigorievich (poet, 1814-1861).    
Outside zbirka trains / Taras Shevchenko; rare: OE Korniichuk and others. - Vidanna Juvileyne. 1814-1939. - [Київ]: Держане лiтературне видавництвово, 1939. - XXVII, [I], 742, [7] с., [31] л. yl. : color. portraiture. -
Cover title: Kobzar.
Text in Russian and Ukrainian.
On the title page: Up to 125 people from the day of the nation.
Alphabetical index to the notes: p. 735-738. - Alphabetical index: p. 739-742. The anniversary edition of the "Kobzar" is a complete collection of all poems of the poet, written by him in both Ukrainian and Russian. The preface to the publication consists of a brief description of the collection and a biographical essay by I. Stebun "Taras Shevchenko." The collection was compiled by a group of researchers from the Institute of Ukrainian Literature. TG Shevchenko of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. - 20,000 copies. .
I. Kornychuk, Oleksandr Evdokimovich (1905-1972). II. Stebun, Ilya Isaakovich. Shevchenko, Taras Grigoryevich (1814 - 1861) - Collections. 2. TG Shevchenko (collection) - Collections. 3. Ukrainian poetry.
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Publisher Державне лiтературне видавництво
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