Right and life. 1924, book. 1

Law and Life: A Journal on Law and Economic Construction / Ed. Professor: A. M. Vinavera, M. N. Gernet, A. N. Trainin. - Moscow: The Right and Life, 1922-1928
1924, book. 1. - 1924. - 119, [2] p. -
Contents: Dangerous state of personality and repression / prof. E.Ya. Nemirovsky. Etudes on criminal law. Guilt and guilt / prof. AN Trainin. Criminally-legal tendencies of transitional time / prof. M. M. Isaev. Application of the criminal law by analogy / prof. PI Lublinsky. On the subject and limits of the science of the criminal court / AS Tager. The legal nature of the cassation of the U.-PK and the practice of the application of 1 h. 437 st. U.-PK / prof. N. N. Polyansky. Essays on prison psychology. Psychology of correspondence and visits in prison / prof. M.N. Gernet. The case of maternalism by a fourteen-year-old girl / A. Petrova and A. Edelstein. Bibliography. - Bibliograf. in a substring. - On the flyleaf: Anatoly Fedorovich Koni to the 80th anniversary of his birth. February 10, 1924 .
I. Kony, Anatoly Fedorovich (1844-1927). 1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Right - USSR - Periodicals. 4. Juridical journals - the USSR.
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