After 1917

After 1917

  • Administrative Bulletin. M., 1922-1930.

    Magazine of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. It was edited in 1922-1930 in Moscow. 1922-1924 it was published with the title "Workers’ and Peasants’ Militsiya". Monthly magazine. It featured questions of administrative management, the practical activities of the militsiya, organs of the criminal investigation, civil registration, and places of confinement.

    Presented issues: 1925, 1929, 1930.

  • Academic Law Magazine. Irkutsk, 2000-.

    The scientific magazine has been editing since 2000 in Irkutsk. Publisher: Non-profit organization "Law and Democracy" Foundation, until 2007 - Baikal State University of Economics and Law. Quarterly magazine. The magazine publishes scientific works on topical issues of the theory and history of law, municipal and financial law, criminal procedure, criminalistics, constitutional law.

    Presented issues: 2007-2011.

  • Soviet Justice Weekly. M., 1922-1929.

    Magazine of the People's Commissariat for Justice of the RSFSR. It was published in 1922-1929 in Moscow. From 1930 to July 1941 the magazine was entitled "Soviet Justice". In 1941-1956, it was not published. It was resumed in March 1957 with the title "Soviet Justice" - the magazine of the Ministry for Justice of the RSFSR and the Supreme Court of the RSFSR. Since 1994 it has been published with the name "Russian Justice". Weekly edition. Since 1928 it was issued three times a month. Chief editors (simultaneously): N. Cherlyunchakevich, A. Lisitsin, N. Krylenko, D. Kursky, Y. Brandenburg, P. I. Knock. In 1922, the magazine had an "Official Supplement to the Soviet Justice Weekly". Since 1928 it published the supplement "Judicial Practice of the RSFSR" (edited by P. I. Stuchka, the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the RSFSR ). The magazine featured the work of judicial authorities, arbitration, advocacy, and notaries. Much attention was paid to legal propaganda and legal education of citizens, comments of modern legislation. It published materials on the activities of foreign countries' judicial authorities.

    Presented issues: 1922-1929.

  • Law and Life. Moscow, 1922-1928.

    The magazine was devoted to issues of law and economic development. It was published in 1922-1928 in Moscow, edited by prof. A. M. Vinaver, M. N. Gernet, and A. N. Trainin. The magazine published articles on the problems of jurisprudence, Soviet and foreign legislation, state system, administrative justice, civil code, etc., law chronicle and government orders.

    Presented issues: 1922-1927.

  • Proletarian Revolution and Law. Moscow, 1918-1921.

    Magazine of the People's Commissariat for Justice of RSFSR. It was published in 1918-1921 in Moscow. Monthly edition (since 1919). The magazine published articles on the issues of Soviet justice, employment, and criminal law, marriage and divorce, guardianship, etc. Among the authors were famous lawyers, legislators, and statesmen: A. G. Goichbarg, Z. R. Tettenborn, People's Commissar for Justice of RSFSR D. I. Kursky and others. The journal also published reports, instructions, and decrees of the People's Commissariat for Justice of RSFSR, various official materials.

    Presented issues: 1918-1919, 1921.

  • Revolutionary Legality. Moscow, 1926.

    The magazine was published in 1926 in Moscow at the publishing house "Legal Protection". The magazine featured issues of civil, criminal, employment, economic, peasant, administrative, and financial law, as well as legislative activities and the legal activity in the USSR.

    Presented issues: 1926.

  • Russian Law Magazine. Yekaterinburg, 1993-.

    Scientific, theoretical, informational, and practical publication. The magazine was established in 1992 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and Ural State Law Academy (since April 2014 - Ural State Law University). Has been publishing in Yekaterinburg. Publication frequency: quarterly (1993-2006), since 2007 - 6 times a year. The Editorial Board and Editorial Council of the magazine include scientists and practitioners from various regions of Russia and abroad, representing law schools of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Saratov, Kazan, Perm, Tyumen, Barnaul, Leven, Kiel, Beijing. The purpose of the publication is the comprehensive discussion of federal and regional problems of legal regulation and law enforcement practice. The magazine pays attention to the problems of state and local government, investigative and judicial practice, comparative law. The main sections: "Theory of Law and the State", "International Law", "Economics and Law", "Civil Law and the Process", "Criminal Law and the Process", etc.

    Presented issues: 2003-2015.

  • Socialist Legality of the USSR. Moscow, 1934-1991.

    Theoretical and scientific-practical magazine. In various periods it was a press organ of the Peoples' Commissariat for Justice of the USSR, the Office of Public Procurator of the USSR, the Supreme Court of the USSR, the Ministry of Justice of the USSR. It was published in 1934-1991 in Moscow. In 1934-1935, it was entitled "For Socialist Legality". In 1943 the magazine was not published. Since 1992 it has been published with the title "Legality". Monthly edition. The magazine highlighted actual problems of the Soviet law theory and the practice of legal institutions, published texts of new legislative acts and proposals for improving Soviet legislation, consultations, methodological recommendations for court, prosecutor's office, arbitration, notaries professionals, etc.

    Presented issues: 1934.