Before 1917

Before 1917

  • Law Messenger. M., 1867-1892.

    Magazine of the Moscow Law Society. It was published in 1867-1892 in Moscow. Monthly magazine. Editors (at different times): V. N. Kalachov, V. N. Leshkov, A. M. Falkovsky, M. M. Kovalevsky, S. A. Muromtsev. The magazine featured articles on criminal and civil law and process, state and international law, history and philosophy of law, political economy and finance, legal chronicle, and translations of foreign authors.

    Presented issues: 1867-1869, 1871-1892.

  • Legal notes issued by Demidov Law Lyceum. Yaroslavl, 1908-1914.

    Magazine published by Demidov Law Lyceum. It was published in 1908-1914 in Yaroslavl. Publication frequency - 2 issues per year (1908-1910), since 1911 - 4 issues per year. Editors (at different times): F. V. Taranovsky, A. L. Baykov, P. V. Gidulyanov, R. M. Orzhenitsky, S. E. Sabinin, M. P. Chubinsky, G. S. Feldstein, A. R. Svirshchevsky, A. L. Freigat-Loringoven, B. A. Kistyakovsky, V. N. Shiryaev and others. The magazine featured theory and history of domestic and foreign law. The protocols of general meetings of the Yaroslavl Law Society were edited in 1908-1909 as a supplement to the magazine.

    Presented issues: 1910-1914.

  • Legal Chronicle. Saint-Petersburg, 1890-1892.

    Law magazine. It was published in 1890-1892 in Saint-Petersburg. Monthly edition. The last issue No. 12 was edited in 1892. Editor and publisher: Professor N. D. Sergeevsky. The magazine featured issues of domestic law; legislative chronicle, judicial, scientific and literary, as well as a bibliography of judicial literature. Among the authors were well-known lawyers: N. F. Deryuzhinsky, A. A. Isaev, N. M. Korkunov, A. F. Koni, N. V. Muravyov, N. S. Tagantsev, V. K. Sluchevsky, and others.

    Presented issues: 1890-1892.

  • Magazine of Criminal Law and Procedure, published by the Russian Group of the International Union of Criminalists. Saint-Petersburg, 1912-1913.

    The magazine was published by the Russian Group of the International Union of Criminalists in 1912-1913 in Saint-Petersburg. Publication frequency - 4 issues per year. Editor: I. I. Zaitsev. Its authors were: M. N. Gernet, A. A. Zhizhilenko, E. M. Kulisher, P. I. Lublin, V. D. Nabokov, N. N. Polyansky, and M. P. Chubinsky. The magazine published articles about domestic and foreign criminal law and the process. The supplements featured materials of the general meetings of the Russian Group in Saint-Petersburg.

    Presented issues: 1912-1913.

  • Magazine of the Ministry of Justice. Saint-Petersburg, 1859-1917.

    Law magazine was published during two periods by the Ministry of Justice in Saint-Petersburg. In the first period (1859-1868), the magazine was edited by A. M. Troitsky. It was a monthly supplement to the "Judicial Herald". From 1869 to 1876, it was entitled: "Judicial Magazine" (1869-1872), "Judicial Magazine, former Magazine of the Ministry of Justice" (1873-1876). In 1877-1893 the magazine was not published. In the second period (1894-1917), the magazine was edited by a famous lawyer and publicist, Professor V. F. Deryuzhinsky. Publication frequency - 10 issues per year. In 1901-1915 the magazine's supplements were: resolutions of the cassation departments of the Governing Senate, books and official materials on selected issues of criminal, administrative, judicial, and international law and legislation.

    Presented issues: 1897-1903.

  • Chronicle of Demidov Law Lyceum. Yaroslavl, 1872-1910.

    Magazine of Demidov Law Lyceum. It was published in 1872-1910 in Yaroslavl. The publication frequency is not defined, 112 books were published in all. Editors were Lyceum directors: S. M. Shpilevsky, E. N. Berendts (1904-1906), M. P. Chubinsky (1906-1910), V. G. Scheglov (1910-1914). In 1886-1906 Demidov Law Lyceum published a supplement "Law Bibliography" (69 issues). It featured extracts from the protocols of the Lyceum Council meetings, lists of students admitted to the Lyceum, etc .; the unofficial section contained lectures of professors and associate professors of the Lyceum, research on the theory and history of law. The magazine published the monographs of Russian legal experts: "A Critical Review of the Doctrine of Power-Sharing" (1872) by N. N. Voroshilov, "The Main Trends in the History of the Criminal Law Science in Russia" (1910) by G. S. Feldstein and others.

    Presented issues: 1872, 1874, 1877, 1879-1902, 1906.

  • Legal Issues. Moscow, 1910-1912.

    Magazine of scientific jurisprudence. It was published in 1910-1912 in Moscow with the participation of a law professor A. S. Alekseev. Quarterly magazine. Editor and publisher: professor, legal expert G. S. Feldstein. The magazine featured theoretical and practical aspects of jurisprudence - issues of criminal law and process, the history of legal thought, forensics, judicial reform, etc.

    Presented issues: 1910-1912.

  • Herald of Law. Moscow, 1907 / 1908-1917.

    Bulletin of Russian Notarial Office, later - the magazine of the Bar, Notarial Office and the Court. It was published in 1907 / 1908-1917 in Moscow, with high participation of P. I. Astrov, A. E. Worms, N. K. Muravyov, S. P. Ordynsky, and N. N. Polyansky. Until number 40, 1913 it was issued with the title: "Notary" (1907/1908), "Herald of Law and Notaries" (1909-1913, No. 39). Weekly magazine. The last issue No. 35/52 was published in 1917. In 1909-1916, resolutions of the Cassation Departments of the Governing Senate were issued as magazine supplement.

    Presented issues: 1910-1913.

  • Herald of Law: Saint-Petersburg University Law Society Magazine. Saint-Petersburg, 1871-1906.

    Saint-Petersburg University Law Society Magazine. It was published in 1871-1906. Until 1900 it was entitled "Magazine of Civil and Commercial Law" (1871-1872), "Magazine of Civil and Criminal Law" (1873-1894), "Saint-Petersburg University Law Society Magazine"(1894-1899). Monthly edition (10 books per year, until 1882 - 6 books per year). Book 4, 1906, was the last publication. The magazine published the works, reports, and protocols of meetings of the Law Society, works on the history of Russian and foreign law, articles on judicial, criminal and civil practice, legislation, legal reviews, etc.

    Presented issues: 1873-1877, 1885, 1898-1899, 1901-1906.

  • Herald of Civil Law. Saint-Petersburg, 1913-1917.

    The magazine was published by a lawyer and politician M. M. Winaver in 1913-1917 in Saint-Petersburg / Petrograd. Monthly edition (8 issues per year). The magazine featured articles on the problems of civil law and the process, private international law, reviews of Senate court practice, materials about the history of the adoption of laws in legislative institutions, etc. The magazine was resumed in Moscow in 2006 with the same title.

    Presented issues: 1913-1917.