Right and life. 1924, book. 9


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Law and Life: A Journal on Law and Economic Construction / Ed. Professor: A. M. Vinavera, M. N. Gernet, A. N. Trainin. - Moscow: The Right and Life, 1922-1928
1924, book. 9. - 1924. - 96, [1] p. -
Content: The rights of individuals to buildings / prof. IB Novitsky. The concept and essence of economic law / prof. L. S. Tal. On the inheritance of non-municipalized residential buildings / prof. V. I. Serebrovsky. Recognition of cooperative organizations as insolvent / LI Povolotsky. To the doctrine of responsibility (P. Fauconnet, La responsabilité, 1920) / prof. N. N. Polyansky. On malfeasance (official crime, official, complicity of private persons in malfeasance and system of malfeasance under the Criminal Code) / prof. AN Trainin. Boundaries of cassation appeal and cassation review (end) / prof. PI Lublinsky. The organization of prison labor / P. Verkhovskoy. From current practice. Bibliography. From foreign life. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Right - USSR - Periodicals. 4. Juridical journals - the USSR.
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