Right and life. 1926, book. 8/10

Law and Life: A Journal on Law and Economic Construction / Ed. Professor: A. M. Vinavera, M. N. Gernet, A. N. Trainin. - Moscow: The Right and Life, 1922-1928
1926, book. 8/10. - 1926. - 133 p. -
Contents: Acquired prescription / LI Fishman. Limitation of actions on the current Soviet railway law / prof. B. B. Cherepakhin. Civil liability without guilt in non-contractual relations under the Civil Code / BI Gomberg. To the draft resolution on state trading enterprises operating on the basis of commercial calculation (bidding) / PS Eibushits. The suit about the termination of cooperation / VS Malchenko. Legal issues of the campaign of 1925-26. in the Leningrad Commercial Port / VP Golubev. To the revision of the Stamp Charter / B.V. Ivanov. Children's law, its subject and scope / VI Kufaev. The tasks of criminal justice on the "Fundamentals of the Judiciary of the USSR" / prof. N. N. Polyansky. Our punitive policy and the fight against hooliganism / prof. MA Cheltsov-Bebutov. Reform of the Austrian legislation on juvenile and juvenile offenders / Kh. M. Charykhov. From the data on modern prostitution (Marriage status) / DP Rodin. The Sixth International Congress on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children / prof. N. A. Zakharov. Academic Chronicle. VK Sluchevsky (obituary) / M. N. Gernet. Bibliography. From foreign life and literature. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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