Vegetable and mineral raw materials for development of local industry of Tashkent region


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Vegetable and mineral raw materials for the development of local industry in the Tashkent region: to the meeting of the party and economic asset of local industry and industrial cooperation of the Tashkent region / Academy of Sciences of the USSR - Uzb. f. - Tashkent: UzFAN Publishing House, 1942. - 27, [2] p. ; 19 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Vegetable raw materials - Uzbek SSR. 3. Mineral raw materials - Uzbek SSR.
BBK 41.8 (5Uzb-4Tash)
Electronic copy source: BEN RAN. - Origin state: BAN RAN
Издательство Издательство УзФАН
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