Revolutionary legitimacy. 1926, No. 15/18

Revolutionary legitimacy. - Moscow: Legal Protection, 1926
1926, No. 15/18. - 1926. -
On with. 1 date: July 22.
Contents: sections: Regular problems of Soviet law; Economic law ; Peasant Law; Administrative law; Criminal law ; Financial right ; Behind the Soviet border is international legal life; Soviet defense and legal advisers; Legislative activity of the USSR; Bibliography; articles: Legal aid to the village / S. Mironov. The role of complaints in the fight against violations of revolutionary legality / N. Lagovier. On the shortcomings in the economic activities of state enterprises, reflected in the affairs of AKTO / P. Lebedev. The concept of foreign trade under the laws of the USSR / Yu. Cheltsov. Responsibility of the state for losses caused by improper actions of officials / A. Steinberg. On depreciation charges from the property of the state enterprise / K. Zhudro. The legal nature of stock exchange brokers / V. Luchaninov. Section and emphasis in peasant life / M. Rabinovich. On inheritance in the property of the peasant household / M. Rusakov. Emergency security measures / I. Ananov [and others] .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Right - USSR - Collections. 4. International law - History - USSR - Collections. 5. Legislation - the USSR - Collections. 6. Legal journals - the USSR.
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