Revolutionary legitimacy. 1926, No. 19/22

Revolutionary legitimacy. - Moscow: Legal Protection, 1926
1926, No. 19/22. - 1926. -
On with. 1 date: October 12.
Contents: sections: Regular problems; Economic law ; Labor law; State law; Financial right ; Soviet defense and legal advisers; Legislative activity of the USSR; The judicial chronicle; Bibliography; articles: Contradictions of Western European criminal policy / A. Trainin. Are arbitration commissions needed at the Supreme Economic Council / E. Dombrovsky. Is it permissible for the representative of the civil plaintiff to participate in the preliminary investigation stage / T. Yablochkov. TM Yablochkov / A. Worms. Exchange transaction, as a subject of legal regulation on the part of the exchange / M. Gurvich. On the legal qualification of sales agents and salespeople / M. Fradkin. The order of satisfaction of claims of trade unions / I. Troitsky. From the practice of the application of labor legislation (supervision of the decisions of the arbitration bodies) / M. Zhemchuzhnikova. Soviet law / A. Turubiner .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Right - USSR - Collections. 4. International law - History - USSR - Collections. 5. Legislation - the USSR - Collections. 6. Legal journals - the USSR.
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