Russian conversation. [G. 1], 1856, No. 4

Russian conversation. - Moscow: in the printing house of Alexander Semen, 1856-1860. -
The title of the magazine on the title page: Russian conversation. Moscow.
Editor Publishing: AI Koshelev; co-editors: TI Filippov (before the beginning of 1857), then - PI Bartenev and MA Maksimovich. In 1858, August - 1859 years. editor IS Isakov.
The journal of the Slavophile direction, published in 1856-1860. in Moscow. Periodicity: 4 books a year, from 1859 - 6 books per year, in 1860 2 books were published. The publication was made on shares. Shareholders AI Koshelev, Yu. F. Samarin, AS Khomyakov and VA Cherkassky were the "editorial board". The magazine actively cooperated with: K.S. Aksakov, I.D. Belyaev, N.P. Gilyarov-Platonov, A.F. Hilferding, I.V. Kireevsky, the articles of V.N. Leshkova, M.A. Maksimovich, M.P. Pogodin and S.P. Shevyrev. Scientists and writers from Slavic countries were involved in the journal, works of Russian writers were printed: I.S. and K.S. Aksakov, S.T. Aksakova, V.I. Dahl, I.S. Nikitin, A.K. Tolstoy, F.I. Tyutcheva, A.S. Khomyakova, A.N. Ostrovsky, M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, TG Shevchenko, and others. A monthly supplement to the journal, "Rural landscaping," was published on pages of which materials on the peasant question were printed. Traditions of the magazine continued the eponymous magazine, which was published in St. Petersburg in 1895-1896. .
I. Koshelev, Alexander Ivanovich (publicist, publisher, 1806-1883). II. Filippov, Terti Ivanovich (critic, 1825-1899). III. Bartenev, Peter Ivanovich (1829-1912). IV. Maximovich, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1804-1873). V. Aksakov, Ivan Sergeevich (1823-1886) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 4. Slavophilism - Russia - Periodicals. 5. Populism - Russia - Periodicals. 6. Social and political journals - Russia. 7. Literary Journals - Russia.
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Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
[G. 1], 1856, No. 4. - 1856. - [589] p. Sec. pag. : ill., Table. -
From the content: Literary and theatrical memoirs / ST Aksakov; Pictures from Russian life / I. Dal; The heroes of the times of Grand Duke Vladimir, on Russian songs / K. S. Aksakov; On the influence of the development of the factory industry on agriculture / S. Belsky; The history of Russia from ancient times: the composition of S. Solovyov / K. S. Aksakov; Regional institutions in Russia in the XVII century: an essay by Chicherin / I. K-v; TN Granovsky before his professorship in Moscow / VV Grigoriev; P. V. Kireevsky, [and other materials]. - Bibliography in footnotes and in the text. - On the title page stamp: Libraries of the Historical and Literary and Legal Courses of N. P. Raev.
Electronic copy source: PB
Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
Publisher в типографии Александра Семена