Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. T. 6

      Russian Historical Society.
Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. - St. Petersburg, 1867-1916. -
The publication was resumed in 1999
The title: 1867-1873 Collection of the Russian Historical Society.
Place of publication: Vol. 111, 114, 117, 120, 124, 126, 130, 138 Yuriev; 137, 142 Moscow.
Contents of the published volumes of the Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society. T. 1-148 (1916. T. 148. S. I-X, last p.) .
1. Russia - History - 15 - 19 centuries. - Periodicals.
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T. 6 / [under the supervision of AA Polovtsov]. - S.Peterburg: printing house of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1871. - [4], 518 p. -
The text of the papers in French and German with translation into Russian.
Contains: Letters from Admiral Chichagov to Emperor Alexander I / reported by MI Bogdanovich. Letter of Emperor Alexander I to Admiral Chichagov / reported by MI Bogdanovich. Papers of Count Peter Ivanovich Panin about the Pugachev revolt / reported gr. VN Panin. State incomes and expenses in the reign of Empress Catherine II / reported by AN Kulomzin. Papers of Prince NV Repnin / reported from the family archive of Prince. N. V. Repnin. Note by Prince A. A. Chartorizhskiy, submitted to Emperor Alexander I, June 26, 1807. Diplomatic documents relating to the history of Russia in the XVIII century / reported from the affairs of the Saxon State Archives in Dresden, Professor of the University of Marburg E. Herman. Reports of the secretary of the embassy of Pezolda from January 1742 to March 1744. - Alphabetical index of names: p. 507-518. - Copy of the RSL with a stamp: Chertkov Library .
I. Polovtsov, Alexander Alexandrovich (1832-1909) .1. Alexander I (emperor of Russia, 1777 - 1825) - Documents and materials. 2. Power (collection). 3. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 4. Russia - Politics and management - 19th century. - Documents and materials. 5. Russia - Foreign Policy - 19th century. - Documents and materials.
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