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Collections of the Presidential Library / Presidential Library. - Вып. 1-. - St. Petersburg: FGBU "Presidential Library", 2011- .
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Issue. 1: Russian constitutionalism in the context of historical and legal research = Russian constitutionalism in the context of the historical legal investigatins: a collection of scientific papers / [obshch. Ed .: Doct. jurid. Sciences, prof. D. I. Lukovskaya, Doctor of Science. jurid. Sciences of N.V. Dunaeva]. - 2014. - 226, [1] с .. - (Series "Historical jurisprudence"="Studia Historico-Juridica" series / scientific editors: D. I. Lukovskaya, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Federation, N. V. Dunaeva, Doctor of Legal Sciences). -
Summary in English.
Contents: Introductory speech by the General Director of the Presidential Library AP Vershinin (scans 11-12). D. I. Lukovskaya. Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993 and the formation of Russian constitutionalism: the doctrinal aspect (scans 13-22). LS Mamut. The correlation between law and law is a key problem of modern jurisprudence (scans 23-25). VI Kruss. Constitutional legal understanding and constitutionalization of the Russian legal system (scans 26-45). M. A. Kapustin. Constitutional legal regulation: the establishment and filling of the gaps in the law (scans 46-64). O.Yu. Vinnichenko. The specifics of Russian statehood and the implementation of constitutions: the historical and legal aspect (scans 65-76). N.S. Nizhnik. Constitutional projects of the XVIII century: attempts to search for the optimal model for the limitation of autocracy in the Russian Empire (scans 77-92). M. A. Prikhodko. The project of the reorganization of the state system of the Russian Empire by Adam Czartoryski in the context of the development of Russian constitutionalism in the early 19th century (scans 93-99). S.V. Kodan. The first draft of the constitutional act in Russia is the State Charter of the Russian Empire of 1820 (scans 100-112). A. V. Ilyin. The root law and the constitution as a form of the basic law of the state: the experience of the theoretical and legal construction (scans 113-124). MI Yudina. The origins of constitutional development in the Russian Empire (the main laws of the Russian Empire of 1832-1892) (scans 125-139). N.V. Dunaeva. The constitutional issue in the Russian Empire and the great reforms of the XIX century (scans 140-155). MN Nemytina. Formation of the foundations of constitutionalism in Russia (second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) (scans 156-169). N.N. Efremova. Evolution of constitutional foundations of justice in official projects and acts in Russia in the XIX-XX centuries (scans 170-176). L.E. Laptev. The origins of the idea of ​​social rights in the Soviet constitutions (scans 177-187). A. A. Dorskaya. Continuity and innovation of Russian constitutions in regulating freedom of conscience (scans 188-198). S.V. Pavlova. Constitutional bases of the unity of the nation (scans 199-209). NI Malysheva. Correlation of domestic and international law as a problem of constitutionalism (doctrinal and historical aspect) (scans 210-219). - The bibliography in the footnotes.
The collection includes articles devoted to the history of domestic constitutionalism from early constitutional ideas and projects to understanding modern processes of development of constitutional principles and institutions. The publication is intended for lawyers, employees of state and municipal bodies, teachers of legal disciplines, graduate students, students, as well as anyone who is interested in history and theory of law and the state, the history of the doctrines of law. - 300 copies. - ISBN 978-5-905273-45-2 .
I. Lukovskaya, Genevra Igorevna. II. Dunaeva, Natalya Viktorovna. Power (collection). 2. Constitutionalism - History - Russia - Collections.
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