List of factories and plants in Russia in 1910

List of factories and plants in Russia in 1910: according to official data of factory, tax and mining supervision / compiled by the editorial board of the "Commercial and industrial newspaper" and "Vestnik Finansi"; Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade and Industry. - [2 nd ed.]. -Moscow [and others]: published by the Trade House of L. and E. Metul and Co., [1910]. - [2], CCCIV, 1034 p., Of which 26 p. ads; 26 cm. -
The title of the 1st edition: List of factories and plants in European Russia.
On the title page: stamp of the Scientific Committee Library Min. Fin.
I. Commercial and industrial newspaper (1893-1918, St. Petersburg). II. "Bulletin of Finance, Industry and Trade", magazine (Petersburg) .1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. The Russian state and economy (collection). 4. Industrial enterprises - Russia - beginning. 20 in ..
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Publisher издано Торговым домом Л. и Э. Метуль и К°
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