The Old Ladoga

Brandenburg, Nikolai Efimovich (archaeologist, 1839-1903).    
Old Ladoga / NE Brandenburg; drawings and technical description of Academician V. V. Suslov. - Anniversary edition of the Imperial Russian Archaeological Society. - St. Petersburg: Imperial Russian Archaeological Society, 1896. - [8], 323 pp., 90 liters. ill., maps. : ill. ; 37 cm. -
Contains: a) Part I. The city of Ladoga (historical sketch); b) Part II. Staroladozhsky Settlement ("The Rurik Fortress"); c) Applications; d) Technical description of ancient monuments of church and military architecture in the village of Staraya Ladoga; e) Part III. Atlas of drawings and drawings of the Staraya Ladoga fortress .
I. Suslov, Vladimir Vasilievich (architect, 1857-1921). II. The Imperial Russian Archaeological Society. Territory (collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Leningrad Region (collection). 3. Leningrad region: pages of history (collection). 4. Old Ladoga, city (Leningrad region) - History.
ББК 63.3 (2Рос-4Лен)
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Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
Publisher Императорское Русское археологическое общество
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