At the Samoyed. From Pinega to the Kara Sea

  Borisov, Alexander Alexeevich  (artist, 1866-1934).    
At the Samoyed. From Pinega to the Kara Sea: travel essays of the artist Alexander Alekseevich Borisov. With an autobiographical note and with 36 pictures of the author's paintings, of which 15 in paints. - St. Petersburg: the publication of AF Devrien, [1907]. - VI, 104 sec., [1] l. front. (portrait), [36] l. yl., color. yl. ; 26 centimeters .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Samoyedic language group of peoples - Ethnographic research.
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Publisher издание А. Ф. Девриена
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