Encyclopedic Dictionary. T. 27a. Repin - Ryas and Russia


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Brockhaus, Friedrich Arnold (1772-1823).    
Encyclopedic Dictionary / Ed. prof. I. E. Andreevsky. - St. Petersburg: FA Brokgauz, IA Efron, 1890-1907. - 24 cm. -
Ed .: up to the letter B: prof. IE Andreevsky; of the following: KK Arseniev and prof. F. F. Petrushevsky; add. gt; KK Arseniev and prof. VT Shevyakov.
Subtitle: T. 7- [started by prof. IE Andreevsky, continues under the ed. K. K. Arsenyev and hon. prof. F. F. Petrushevsky].
Ed. came out in half-tones with consecutive numbering. on the spine .
I. Efron, Ilya Abramovich (1847-1917). II. Andreevsky, Ivan Efimovich (1831-1891). III. Arseniev, Constantine Konstantinovich (1837-1919). IV. Petrushevsky, Fedor Fomich (1828-1904). V. Shevyakov, Vladimir Timofeevich (1859-1930) .1. Encyclopedic dictionaries - Russia.
ББК 92
T. 27a: Repina - Ryas and Russia. - 1899. - C. 483-532, 420, IV: ill., Maps, table. .
1. Encyclopedic dictionaries - Russia.
ББК 92
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Издательство Ф. А. Брокгауз, И. А. Ефрон
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