Legal notes issued by the Demidov legal lyceum. 1911, vol. 2/3 (8/9)

      Demidov Legal Lyceum (Yaroslavl).
Legal notes issued by the Demidov legal lyceum / ed. A. R. Svirshchevsky [and others]. - Yaroslavl, 1908-1914. -
Editors: FV Taranovskii (1908), AL Baikov (1908-1909), PV Gidulyanov, RM Orzhenitsky, SE Sabinin, MP Chubinsky 1908-1910), GS Feldstein (1908-1911), AR Svirshchevsky (1908-1914), NN Golubev, VN Myshtsyn, ED Sinitsky, VG Shcheglov (1909-1910), AL Freitag-Loringoven (1911), BA Kistyakovskii (1912-1914), LS Tal, VN Shiryaev (1913-1914). During the year pagination is continuous.
In 1908-1910. periodicity of 2 issues per year, in total there were 6 issues. In the years 1911-1914. periodicity was brought to 4 issues a year, issues 7-22 were published.
As an annex in 1908-1909. in the journal were printed the minutes of the general meetings of the Yaroslavl Law Society (since October 9, 1904, not finished). - Indexes: Table of contents of the seventh volume of "Legal Notes" (issues 19-22), 1914; "A systematic [and alphabetical] index of articles placed in the" Legal Notes "for the five-year period 1908-1911 (1912, issue 4 (14), pp. 753-754) .
I. Svirshchevsky, A. R. II. Kistyakovsky, Bogdan Alexandrovich (1868-1920). III. Tal, Lev Semenovich (1866-1933). IV. Freitag-Loringoven, A.L. V. Feldstein, Grigory Samuilovich (1868-). VI. Shiryaev, V.N .. 1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Law - History - Russia - Periodicals. 4. Legal journals - Russia - early. 20 in ..
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1911, vol. 2/3 (8/9) / ed. AR Svirshchevsky, GS Feldstein and the bar. AL Freitag-Loringovena; with the immediate participation of VM Gordon [and others]. - 1911. - [4], p. 225-577. -
Content: Evaluation of the Lombroso doctrine after his death by the main representatives of the positive school of criminal law in Italy / AK Vulfert. Current situation of the issue of syndicates in Russia and abroad (ending) / IM Goldstein. The concept of force majeure in civil law / TM Yablochkov. To the question of the principles of divorce church legal practice / VN Myshtsyn. Yaroslavl Province Committee of 1858 - 1859 years. and his draft regulations on the way of life of the landed peasants / VN Shiryaev. On the evolution of Russian constitutional laws / AA Alekseev. Detours of royal judges in England / PI Lublinsky et al. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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