Atlas of the Russian Empire,


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Atlas of the Russian Empire,: Composed of 52 maps,: Published in the city of St. Petra in the summer of 1796 e, and the reign of Catherine II XXXV e. - [St. Petersburg]: [Type. Sytin], [1796]. - [3] p., 52 liters. kart. ; 23 x 28 cm. - Tit. l. otpech. from the same board, but strongly overplayed: on the left again having won. view of the Moscow Kremlin, on the right - the view of the Peter and Paul Fortress. - There is still another ed. the same Atlas, with the same out. dan., but published no earlier than 1805, as indicated by the addition. to him "Map of Georgia divided into 5 counties 1805". - Gravity. tit. l. - Most of the cards from the same boards as in the "Atlas ... consisting of 45 cards." Some cards are engraved or replaced by others. Instead of "Maps of newly acquired from Poland by the Russian regions in 1793" 8 new maps have been added: Kurland Province, Vilnius, Slonim, Minsk, Volyn, Podolsky, Bratslav, Ascension viceroyalty. - SK XVIII .
1. Russia - History - 18th c. - Maps.
ББК 63.3 (2) 46я64
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