Count PD Kiselev and his time. T. 2. Part 1. Management of the Ministry of State Property; Part 2. The peasant question


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  Zablotsky-Desyatovsky, Andrey Parfenovich  (1808-1881 / 82).    
Count PD Kiselev and his time: materials for the history of the emperors Alexander I, Nicholas I and Alexander II / [op.] AP Zablotsky-Desyatovskago . - St. Petersburg: Type. M. M. Stasyulevich, 1882
T. 2: Part 1. Management of the Ministry of State Property; Part 2. Peasant question. - 1882. - 355, VIII, [4] p., [1] l. yl. .
1. Kiselev, Pavel Dmitrievich (1788 - 1872). 2. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 3. Peasant Reform - Preparation - Russia - 1861.
BBC 63.3 (2) 52-8Kiselev PD
Zablotsky-Desyatovsky Andrey Parfenovich (1807-1881) - state and public figure. He served under the leadership of PD. Kiseleva. In 1841 he prepared for the Secret Committee a note "On the serfdom in Russia" (in the appendix to this edition). Author of works on statistics, land tenure, financial policy. Editor of the journals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of State Property and other ed. Since 1859 - State Secretary of the Department of Laws of the State Council, since 1875 - a member of the State Council. The work is based on the materials of P.D. Kiselev, Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, ministries - military and state property. Represents a panorama of internal and foreign policy of the Russian Empire in the XIX century. The work lasted eight years. The main idea - "an honorable place in Russian history" - the documentary apology of the largest statesman of the era. Displaying his "report in thoughts."\n\n The first two volumes in the manuscript before his death were read by Alexander II. AT\n\n t. 2 describes in detail the state activities of PD. Kiseleva in 1834-1856. Particular attention is paid to measures to improve the social status of the peasantry.\n\n       Historical context: the peasant question during the reign of Nicholas I and Alexander II. Personal attitude of Nicholas I to the reforms and his activities in this direction (1826-1853). Legal projects. Tactics in relation to the nobility.\n In 1835, P.D. Kiselev was appointed a member of the State Council and a member of the Committee for Peasant Affairs. He headed V department of His Own Imperial Majesty's Chancellery (for the affairs of state peasants), since 1837 - Minister of State Property. In 1839 he was elevated to the Count's dignity. Since 1835 - a member of the State Council, enlisted in the Department of State Economy and the Secret Committee on Peasant Affairs. In the matter of state-administrative support of reforms, Nicholas I considered him "chief of staff for the peasant part."\n\n 1 Fig. "Medal in memory of Count PD. Kiseleva ".\n\n        .
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